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Volunteers are at the heart of AWB’s projects and are essential to what we do.

Just as donors contribute vitally important financial support, volunteers generously contribute their time and expertise to collaborative programs initiated by universities in some of the world’s least-developed countries. While the projects vary in focus and duration, the main goal of the volunteer’s activities is always the same: to improve some aspect of a country’s university so that it can provide its country with its own experts and skilled professionals.

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Volunteer Stories

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from across Canada and around the world. Their time, energy, and expertise enhance educational programs at universities in low and middle-income countries of the world.

Photos From The Field

We’re Looking for Qualified Volunteers

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Volunteering in developing countries isn’t for everyone. The work can be demanding, the living conditions far from luxurious, and the challenges of communicating in an unfamiliar idiom while navigating third-world infrastructures and institutions daunting. You are sure to feel very far from familiar comforts.

At the same time, virtually all our volunteers return home with glowing accounts of their time in the field, and all report that they have found the experience richly rewarding. In fact, many volunteers sign up for a second placement, and even a third one.

What Does It Involve?

Your Health and Safety

The health and safety of our volunteers are our first priority. In deciding which countries and regions to send volunteers, we are guided by the travel warnings of the governments of Canada, the USA and the UK.

Expenses are Covered

Any personal expenses you incur in order to volunteer on a project will be covered.

Willingness to Travel

You will go to fascinating but sometimes difficult places and we want you to be safe and comfortable. We ensure that our volunteers’ housing meets minimal conditions of comfort.

Commitment to Making a Difference

You are committed to creating real and valuable change, helping project countries build stronger foundations for the future.

Relevant Qualifications

Specific degrees and experience are required and they vary from project to project.

Respect & Interest in Other Cultures

You are respectful of the project host's history, culture, perspectives and goals.

Current Openings

When new volunteer postings are available they will be posted below.

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