The Network of Canadian Universities

AWB’s Network is a consortium of Canadian universities that support AWB’s mission

The Network offers opportunities for academics to propose projects in conjunction with developing world universities and to participate in them. By engaging with AWB in this way, Canadian universities and their academics enhance university education both in the developing world and on their own campuses.

Such internationalization is a benefit in itself.

“The internationalization of education…shapes institutional values, influences external relations and partnerships, and impacts upon the entire educational enterprise.”

– Canadian Bureau of International Education

The Network contributes directly to Canada’s justly earned reputation as a country that meets its moral commitment to providing help to the world’s most disadvantaged. All Canadians can feel proud that their tax-supported universities are helping developing countries improve their universities.

For more information and to join the Network, contact
AWB’s Network Manager, Dominique Van de Maele.

Current Network Members