Online project update at Fatima Jinnah Women University in Pakistan

Kathleen MatheosDr. Kathleen Matheos from the University of Manitoba is an AWB volunteer on a project provide mentorship for the establishment of a Centre for Learning Excellence with Fatima Jinnah Women University in Pakistan. Given the current international travel limitations, this project is being implemented virtually.

This is AWB’s first project in Pakistan where pre-pandemic travel advisories had made on-site visits impossible. Ironically, the pandemic’s restrictions alerted us to the potential of working online in such locations.

In January 2021, the Academic Administrative Workshop was held online. Fifty-two departmental leaders and faculty members participated.

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The workshop covered a range of topics related to the establishment of a new academic support centre aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. The workshop was recorded and, along with reference materials, will serve as an ongoing resource.

The ten days of professional development also included three international keynote speakers who delivered sessions on academic values, women in academic leadership, and quality in higher education in uncertainty.

“This was the first workshop of its nature with a unique focus to generate a vigorous exchange of innovative ideas, experiences, and insights among the departmental leaders. This workshop was designed with an aim to mobilize their inner resources, inculcate a passion for continuous learning while strengthening their commitment for their role as department leader and towards the institution.


The participation of the emerging leaders was the most aspiring part of this workshop, which I believe will boost the overall quality of educational attainment in Fatima Jinnah Women University in the long run. This collaborative exchange both with the expert resource persons as well as among the participants may stimulate the departmental leadership to make substantial reforms in their individual departments in particular and university in general.”

– Dr. Salma Nazar Khan, Project Coordinator
Fatima Jinnah Women University

The next phase of the project will focus on crafting the policies and procedures surrounding the development of the newly established Centre for Professional Practice at Fatima Jinnah Women University.