AWB on one of our funder’s website

Support for AWB announced on the R. Howard Webster Foundation website. See it here! Thank you to this generous funder!

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AWB executive director in panel discussion at McMaster University

On January 31, Greg Moran took part in a panel discussion, Higher Education: The Ongoing Tension Between Nationalism and Internationalism, hosted by McMaster University, one of our Network universities.  Along with Greg, panelists included McMaster…

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Non-African partners influence research agenda – Study

This recent article in University World News describes research from a South African researcher examining the prevalence of collaboration between African and non-African researchers relative to inter-African collaborations. The study also raises questions regarding the…

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Internationalization in Canada’s Universities: More than international students

AWB participated in a conference on Internationalization in Higher Education: New Trends and Future Directions for Ontario on November 3, 2017 in Toronto. At issue were all the ways that universities can connect their students…

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The Ostrich and the Trend

A recent blog post was wrong about massive open online courses, Arshad Ahmad and Barbara Oakley write. MOOCs aren’t the promised panacea, but they are neither dangerous nor dead. John Warner’s recent blog post “MOOCs…

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AWB-USF Reception at McGill Faculty Club on October 19, 2017

Sixty people from Montreal’s academic and broader communities attended AWB-USF’s reception at the McGill Faculty Club on October 19, 2017. It was a terrific opportunity for them to learn more about the organization and especially…

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Academics Without Borders

Academics Without Borders is a volunteer driven NGO, implementing vital, practical projects to strengthen higher education in developing countries so that they have the skilled professionals, such as nurses, teachers, doctors, engineers and computer scientists…

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Academics Without Borders: Helping universities build a better world

Today, the urgent needs of those threatened by famine, disease and violence are immense. Understandably, governments and the people of more privileged countries focus first on delivering medical care, shelter, food and water. Beyond these…

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