Dr. Ann Braithwaite is Professor and Coordinator of Diversity and Social Justice Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island, where she has taught since 1998. The co-author or co-editor of three books, with a fourth volume forthcoming later in 2023, Dr. Braithwaite’s scholarly work examines the ways in which academic disciplines are constructed through languages and narratives that reflect a set of embedded ways of knowing, asking what versions of a discipline these assumptions make possible, what possibilities they shut down, and how attending to those questions matters for how and what we know.

Ann is the chair of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE / SAPES) Equity Committee, in addition to serving on several EDI committees at UPEI and on the UPEI Faculty Association. Her passion and ongoing work is to engage others in exploring how to bring questions of equity, accessibility, and justice to a range of contexts—from classroom practices and curricular programming to organizational structures and processes. She is the recipient of numerous teaching, educational leadership, and service awards at UPEI, the 2014 AAU Anne Marie MacKinnon Educational Leadership award, and is a 2021 STLHE / SAPES 3M National Teaching Fellow.