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In 2013, AWB assisted in the creation of the University of Rwanda in the mold of the University of California, unifying its system of eight university-level institutions. The current institutions in Rwanda have become colleges within the university. This new arrangement saved a great deal of money by reducing the duplication of services and programmes and increased the quality of education offered across the system by introducing common higher standards for admission and graduation.

AWB recruited two strategic advisors for the transition to the new University of Rwanda (UR). The strategic advisors provided the UR Transition Task Force with a variety of key documents and strategies that are necessary for this major transition. Rwandan higher education will benefit by the cost savings which can then be reinvested in the system to improve its quality and reach and by the improvement in the quality of education it offers in its institutions of higher learning.

Date: 2013

  • Robin Farquhar, former President, Carleton University, Ottawa and the University of Winnipeg
  • Anthony Morgan, former Member, Utah State Board of Regents and former Co-Director, Utah Education Policy Center, Graduate School of Education, University of Utah