U of T researchers volunteer to help Brazilian university build its first qualitative health research program

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U of T Associate Professor Denise Gastaldo, Margarida de Aquino Cunha, the rector of Brazil’s Federal University of Acre and Rozilaine Redi Lago

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“Rozilaine Redi Lago, a visiting PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research (CQ) four years ago, taught the only qualitative research course at the Federal University of Acre (UFAC) in Brazil following her graduation. But she saw a pressing need for an entire program – a goal that U of T’s Denise Gastaldo and Brenda Gladstone, both volunteers with Academics Without Borders (AWB), are now helping to realize.”

Read more of this December 4, 2019 article about AWB volunteers from the University of Toronto.

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Article about AWB’s work with African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

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AIMS works with partners to develop environmental policy – October 13

“The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) initiated a project to develop a comprehensive environmental policy for the AIMS network. AIMS acknowledges the importance of protecting environmental values as part of the global community. This project was developed with the assistance of Academics Without Borders and the University of Calgary.” “…Professor Getachew Assefa from the University of Calgary, working as an AWB volunteer on the project, donated his time and talent to assist AIMS in developing its first environmental policy.”

Read the full AIMS article here.

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AWB’s Executive Director participates in panel at Carleton University

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Greg Moran, Executive Director of AWB, participated in a panel of experts on the topic of internationalization at a Sept. 9, 2019 event to support strategic planning at Carleton University. Carleton posted an article about the event on its website – read “Strategic Planning Speaker Series Explores a Global Perspective” here!

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Brock volunteers enhancing education across the globe

Brock Faculty of Education Instructor Mary Katherine Rose

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“Through an international partnership, members of the Brock community have been busy travelling the world offering their expertise to developing nations.

A handful of volunteers have taken advantage of the University’s connection to Academics Without Borders (AWB), a non-governmental, Canadian organization of which Brock International Services has been a member since 2016. With success stories now under its belt, the University is hopeful more participants will soon follow.

Among the helping hands that have travelled abroad is Faculty of Education Instructor Mary Katherine Rose (MEd ’06), whose lifelong passion for global health and education drew her to AWB.”

Read more of this article about our recent volunteers from Brock University.

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How international faculty projects can change lives at home and abroad

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“In a remote area of Nepal, an eight-year-old boy is carried into a tiny hospital by his grandparents. The boy has fallen from a height and sustained a complex fracture in his elbow. Treating the injury will require resetting and stabilizing bones, but this involves a specialized surgery and medical hardware not available to the only doctor in the area, whose hospital is hours away from the nearest city or specialist. Worse yet, the boy’s circulation has been impeded by the fracture, and without treatment, he will lose the use of his hand and forearm.

The doctor does what he can to set the bones and stabilize them, which he does by sedating the boy himself (there are no anesthesiologists where he works), setting the bones, and stabilizing the fracture with metal wiring, all while taking direction from an open textbook.

Incredibly, the surgery is a success. The boy will make a full recovery.

A week after the operation, Professor Karl Stobbe at McMaster University looks over post-operation x-rays from the case. Glancing over his shoulder, his colleague, an orthopedic surgeon, remarks, “That’s honestly as good a job as I could’ve done.”

It’s an incredible feat of medical resilience and resourcefulness that Stobbe says he has witnessed many times. For the past three years, Stobbe has been working with Nepal’s Patan Academy of Health Sciences to build the country’s capacity to train doctors for practice in rural areas, an effort that will have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of those living in these areas.”

Read more of this article about the work of AWB in Academica’s Today’s Top Ten in Higher Ed on March 27, 2019.

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For a country to develop, so must its post-secondary institutions

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“Higher education advocates across Canada and beyond will often claim that academics make an enormous impact on the world beyond the ivory tower, but skeptics are often quick to ask, “How, exactly?” Advocates might then point to social benefits such as advancements in medical technology or the fostering of an engaged democratic citizenry, but another benefit that they might wish to highlight is the impact that higher education is having in developing countries that are looking to build healthier, wealthier, and more just societies for all.

For Corrie Young, Associate Executive Director for Academics Without Borders, there are countless instances in which post-secondary institutions serve as a key vehicle for global development. ‘Take rapid urbanization happening in many countries’ says Young. ‘You need to think about how governments at multiple levels are going to try and address the challenges that come with a shift like that. First, you have to design and perform research that gives you accurate information on what is actually happening, then you need the expertise to turn that research into effective policy.'”

Read more of this article about the importance of AWB’s work in Academica’s Today’s Top Ten in Higher Ed on February 25, 2019.

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The global problems that only academics can solve

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“The greatest challenges of the 21st century will be global in nature, and so too will be the solutions. Fortunately, a growing group of academic experts based at institutions across Canada is collaborating with international partners around the world to build the capacity to solve these challenges.

These efforts have already had an enormous impact across the globe over the past decade, from building family medicine capacity in Guyana to creating a unified national university system in Rwanda, from designing programming on environmental governance in Tanzania to creating new opportunities for students with disabilities in Indonesia.”

Read more of this article about the importance of AWB’s work in Academica’s Today’s Top Ten in Higher Ed on February 13, 2019.

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Canada’s academic community takes on the world

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Many highways going in different directions“In an age where many nations are turning inward, it’s more important than ever to reach across borders and build a better world. It’s with this mission in mind that a growing number of influential CEOs and post-secondary leaders are re-envisioning their goals to embrace the world’s most pressing challenges.”

Read more of this article featured in Academica’s Today’s Top Ten in Higher Ed on September 5, 2018.

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How colleges and institutes are building Canada’s brand and a better world

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Canadian flag flying on a flag poleMany Canadians are familiar with the essential work that colleges and institutes do in providing vocational training to support the demands of the labour market, but fewer might know about how these same schools are changing lives around the world through international partnerships. Over the past 40 years, Canada’s colleges and institutes have engaged in over 700 international projects to build a better world for all.

Read more of this article featured in Academica’s Today’s Top Ten in Higher Ed on September 18, 2018.

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Students reach beyond their institutions to spread education around the globe

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Man wearing knapsack standing in from of large apartment building“For many, offering on-campus tutoring services to students in Canada falls under a different category of support than sending these same students around the world to support partners in developing countries. But for Jamie Arron and countless students across Canada, these activities fall under a single mission…. ‘We believe, at their core, universities are about advancing education,’ says Arron. ‘While this of course means supporting students right on campus, we also believe it comes with a responsibility to work more broadly towards greater global equity in education. To be truly global citizens, we cannot just focus on recruitment of international students, but must also support the development of strong local educational institutions in partner countries.'”

Read more of this article featured in Academica’s Today’s Top Ten in Higher Ed on October 17, 2018.

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