Our volunteers come from a number of different academic backgrounds. We welcome applications from working and retired faculty, staff, and administrators of universities and colleges throughout the world, as well as non–academic professionals who wish to volunteer for our capacity building projects. All expenses of our volunteers are covered. AWB assists in capacity building in higher education in the developing world, responding to the needs and goals of the host countries and institutions. It supports projects related to both academic and non-academic aspects of the development of tertiary education. This includes assisting in the development of new universities and colleges, and, in existing institutions, in establishing new departments, faculties, or research institutes and expanding and diversifying undergraduate and graduate programs.

Faculty volunteers participate in all these projects and may, in addition, teach courses, give advice or provide models for instructional techniques and content, and fill gaps in teaching staff, when growing institutions have needs that cannot yet be met locally.

Staff volunteers provide support for registration processes and procedures, computing and communications services, information systems and libraries, financial management, instructional media services, student services, the management of physical plant, alumni relations, fund-raising, health services, student and faculty housing, registration, and student aid.

Administrative volunteers provide advice about establishing, expanding, and governing departments, faculties, and schools, and about the creation of new universities and colleges.

These are not exhaustive, but are meant to show in what ways AWB volunteers are of service to the developing world in supporting capacity building in higher education.

The time required from volunteers will depend on the nature of the project and may vary from several weeks to as long as two years.

Current placements are advertised in “Featured News” on our Home Page.  If you are interested in upcoming placements, you should send in an application and subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter will report on the progress in building AWB and on new placements as they become available. If you find a placement that interests you, contact us so that we can review your application. You may subscribe to the newsletter, even if you do not wish to apply for current or future placement.