Donate NowWe cannot fulfill our mission without your help. Sustainable development needs higher education and the experts and skills of an educated population. With your donation, Academics Without Borders (AWB) can help developing countries improve their systems of higher education.

Canadian Donors

Canadian donors can donate through CanadaHelps and receive a tax receipt directly from them.
It is possible to set up monthly giving with CanadaHelps.
or by
Sending a cheque made out to  AWB, to AWB c/o Paul Dunne, 2 Place du Commerce, Suite 100, Ile-des-Soeurs, Montreal, QC. Canada, H3E 1A1
We will send you a tax receipt. Please include your home and email addresses.
Canadian Charity Registration Number: 85510 2588 RR0001
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U.S. Donors

U.S. Donors can donate by sending a cheque made out to AWB, to AWB, c/o Paul Dunne, 1001 rue Lenoir, Suite A207, Montréal, Quebec, Canada H4C 2Z6
We will send you a tax receipt. Please include your home and email addresses.
U.S. 501 (c) (3) Charity Number: EIN 98-1184500
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Higher education creates trained people who can:

  • Teach in schools, treat the sick, and prevent diseases through immunization
  • Administer the school system, the health care services, and immunization programmes
  • Connect through the internet to the world and access its limitless fund of information
  • Design and build roads, dams, water systems, schools and airports needed for development
  • Start and run the businesses that are the foundations of a country’s economic life
  • Improve the quality of life among marginalized groups, including women, AIDS victims, the disabled, and minorities
  • Improve agricultural capacity and sustainability
  • Protect the environment



One of AWB’s main expenses is airfare for our volunteers, so we are very pleased to  have been accepted as a member of Aeroplan’s Charitable Pooling programme.  This means that you can donate some of your Aeroplan air miles to our Charitable Pooling Account.  We hope you will take advantage of this way to contribute to AWB, and we are very grateful for your support.  Thanks.


If you wish to contribute your time and expertise to building AWB, please contact Steven Davis at sdavis ( at ) awb-usf ( dot ) org.

We thank you in advance for your generous contribution to AWB.