Ron Duersksen

Ron Duerksen is the Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, Canada. In addition to directing marketing and communications functions for the entire organization, he is assists the Dean in ensuring that each Program, Institute and Centre’s goals within the Desautels Faculty are in line with the Faculty’s and University’s priorities and long-term objectives. He is implicated in the Faculties strategic direction, business development, major sponsorships, strategic alliances and partnerships between the Faculty and outside organizations.

Since 2008, Ron has been responsible for helping rebrand the Desautels Faculty of Management and building its international reputation through marketing and communications.  He also teaches Marketing at McGill. Prior to joining McGill, Ron was Director of Marketing for the Aldo Group, and worked several years at L’Oreal Canada where he was responsible for marketing pillar brands such as Biotherm, Garnier and Lancôme.  Ron has a Bachelor of Science (Honors Ecology) degree from the University of Manitoba and an MBA (Strategy & Marketing) from McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management.