AWB—Academics Without Borders — actively works to promote development in developing countries by assisting them in improving and  expanding higher education. Our volunteers work on projects that foster the skills and expertise needed for health care, education, agriculture, infrastructure, business, and more. We work in all disciplines and areas of instruction. We are a bilingual Canadian NGO based in Montreal, with our volunteers working around the world.

Our projects are in universities, colleges, and business, engineering,  medical and nursing schools.

Our volunteers are working and retired professionals and academics, including faculty, staff, and administrators from Canada and other medium- and high-income countries.

Interested in volunteering? Please visit our volunteers and projects sections.

Our Mission
AWB’s mission is to support developing countries in building capacity in higher education so that they can educate their own experts and conduct research to assist in their development.

Our Goals

• To support developing countries in improving and expanding higher education

• To ensure that the skilled people needed by these countries are educated/trained in their home countries

• To have our placements and projects driven by the needs of local institutions—the scope and nature of our projects evolves in collaboration with host institutions and countries

• To work within the resources available to the country, so that the work we undertake can be sustained by, and will continue to benefit, the local community even after our involvement is completed

We achieve our goals with our own projects as well as in partnership with other NGOs and with academic institutions in the developed world. We welcome inquiries from organizations and institutions who wish to participate in this work.