AWB—Academics Without Borders — actively works to promote development in developing countries by assisting them in improving and  expanding higher education. Our volunteers work on projects that foster the skills and expertise needed for health care, education, agriculture, infrastructure, business, and more. We work in all disciplines and areas of instruction. We are a bilingual […]



AWB projects have taken us around the world, from Africa to Asia to South America. Our volunteers are involved with both short and long-term endeavours that foster the skills and expertise needed for areas such as health care, education, infrastructure and business—the building blocks of a successful nation. Projects are based in universities, colleges, and […]



We cannot fulfill our mission without your help. Sustainable development needs higher education and the experts and skills of an educated population. With your donation, Academics Without Borders (AWB) can help developing countries improve their systems of higher education. Canadian Donors Canadian donors can donate through CanadaHelps and receive a tax receipt directly from them. It […]